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Welcome to Work hard Eat Good
Beef sausage with sliced chicken thighs, marinated with West Indian seasoning.
Ground beef & cabbage cooked w/ cajun seasoning, salt & black pepper w/ jerk sauce on the side
Tofu marinated with Jerk sauce and seasoned with Caribbean seasoning
Chicken marinated in a homemade mango spice sauce
Grilled chicken marinated w/ spicy Jamaican sauce & jerk seasoning
Caribbean beef sausage w/ jerk spice, peppers & onions
Grilled chicken w/ curry paste, Jamaican curry powder & curry sauce on the side
Meatballs glazed in a sweet mango sauce with a West Indian spice blend
Caribbean seasoning, salt & black pepper w/ jerk sauce

Our Story

A brand you can trust!

Restaurant Quality Catering, and Online Meal Delivery Service.

Work Hard Eat Good is a family run business offering restaurant quality foods.
Miss. Taylor is in charge of the food and beverages, with 7+ years in the restaurant and beverage industry.

Mr. Shaheed is the head cook, with over 10 years experience in the restaurant business. Mr. Shaheed assistanted his parants with their restaurant Yahya’s Fish and Chips, and afterwards became the head cook at local restaurants in Boston.

What they offer,

With their combined passion for quality fresh food sourced from local suppliers they are able to cater for you. They can cater your next corporate event. They specialize in tailoring the menu’s to suit you, so you’ll receive the satisfaction of getting exactly what YOU want on that day.

Taylor states “We are truly grateful and feel humbled for having the opportunity to work with our clients and having them feel contented and satisfied at each event we cater”.

What makes WORK HARD EAT GOOD food so great?

Real Ingredients –

We source our ingredients for more than just exceptional freshness and taste. to ensure quality in every dish.

Real Nutrition –

Our nutritionist-reviewed dishes are designed to meet your macronutrient needs and support your healthy lifestyle — so you can eat clean, and feel good about cleaning your plate.

Real Variety –

We understand that food is personal. Our ever-changing menus are designed to accommodate a variety of tastes and needs, whether you’re vegetarian, or simply someone with a deep appreciation for really delicious food.

Real Impact –

We’re proud to offer food that’s as good for the planet as it is for the body. We’re changing the way people eat, creating a community around healthy living, and building a sustainable and socially responsible food eco-system.

Real Transparency –

We believe in complete transparency, where your food comes from, how it’s made, and how it makes you feel are just as important as how delicious.